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Specialties & Expertise


  •  Takeovers and Shareholdings of Companies
  •  Commercial and Corporate Law
  •  EDP and IT Law
  •  Tax Law
  •  Foundation and Association Law


Mergers & Aquisitions 


The law firm Voll advises its clients in issues concerning complete and partial takeover of companies. The firm has considerable experience in the acquisition and sale of companies and shareholdings, in the reconstruction and renovation of companies, as well as in the areas of investment and financing projects.


Commercial and Corporate Law


Over the past decades, the law firm has focused on advisory formative consultancy for mandates of unlisted stock companies. For many years, attorney Johannes-Georg Voll presided over an unlisted stock company himself. Assistance spans from the formation or transformation of a corporation to the consultancy in legal matters that arise later. The law firm advises with regard to shareholders, management, directorate, board, stockholders’ meetings, supervisory board meetings, and the regulations of corporation law to be observed, e.g., disclosure obligations. Further areas of assistance:


  • Change of Partners
  • Corporate Succession
  • Merging of Company Shares
  • Sale of Shares
  • Contract Drafting, e.g., Management Contracts, Articles of Association, Rules of Procedure, Shareholders’ Agreements, Pooling Agreements


IT Law


Clients of the law firm can profit from the owner’s long-standing experience as a software entrepreneur. The consultancy specialties lie in:


  • Software Creation, Software Licensing, Software Support
  • Purchase of Hardware, Hardware Maintenance
  • Project Contracts
  • E-Commerce, Internet


Tax Law


In the specialty field of tax law, the law firm is experienced in consultancy and representation concerning fiscal matters, fiscal offences, and economic issues. Attorney Johannes-Georg Voll manages correspondences with authorities and courts regarding judicial and extrajudicial matters. Additionally, the law firm takes on the defense in penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offences. Furthermore, the law firm offers extensive experience in the optimization of tax burdens and assists even in difficult negotiations with fiscal authorities.


The services offered by our law firm include


  • Accounting
  • Payroll and Financial Statements
  • Preparation and Registration of the tax returns
  • Opposition Procedures and Lawsuits
  • Support in Tax Audits and Tax Investigations
  • Counseling about Voluntary Disclosures
  • Optimization of the Wills, Testamentary Contracts, and Asset Transfers (such as Corporate Succession).


The law firm reaches optimal results through cooperation with accountants, tax consultants, and fellow lawyers based all around the world. This keeps paths short, avoids the duplication of efforts and informational problems, makes enforcement effective, and not lastly lowers costs.



Foundation and Association Law


Attorney Johannes-Georg Voll has been an active member of foundations and an active board member for many years. In addition to judicial matters regarding foundations and boards from establishment to liquidation, the law firm offers consultancy concerning the organizational and substantive conception of an association or foundation. In doing so, the law firm concentrates on expertise in the following areas:


  • Establishment (Foundation Meeting, Articles of Association, Formal Requirements, Registration)
  • Amendment of the Articles of Association
  • General Meetings (Convocation, Execution, Appeal of Decisions)
  • Membership Rights and Obligations (Entry, Contribution, Exclusion) Conflicts between Bodies of the Association/Liability
  • Public Benefit (Special-Purpose Enterprises, Donations)
  • Merging of Associations


The special focus lies on social, charitable, clerical, and non-profit associations, foundations, and institutions.

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